Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A p r e s s u r e - s u p p r e s s i o n c o n t a i n m e n t

A  p r e s s u r e - s u p p r e s s i o n   c o n t a i n m e n t 

A  p r e s s u r e - s u p p r e s s i o n   c o n t a i n m e n t   s y s t e m  h a s   some  means  o f   a b s o r b i n g   t h e  heat o f   v a p o r i z a t i o n   o f   t h e   s t e a m   i n  t h e   fl u i d   r e l e a s e d   t o   t h e   c o n t a i n m e n t volume,  I n   a l l   t h r e e   GE mo d e l s ,   t h e  .steam  i s   f o r c ed   t o  b u b b l e   t h r o u g h   a  p o o l   of  w a t e r   a n d   is  condensed.  

Friday, April 1, 2011 Nuclear meltdown caused by the great Earth Quakes Nuclear meltdown caused by the great Earth Quakes:  The below Nuclear issue is for your concern.

Nuclear meltdown caused by the great Earth Quakes

Dear countless number of friends, 

The below Nuclear issue is for your concern. 
(Please forgive the roughness of the letter. Either I am driving or in situations that makes it hard to spend a lot of time on this, a formal letter is forthcoming and is a few years in the making with proof on all points)

As a few of you know I have been in a constant struggle with bringing to light the true foresights into the future with Nuclear meltdown caused by the great Earth Quakes. That struggle has now become todays news and is only a beginning. 

Although these future foresights have been written into a screenplay finished in the year 2000 'Promethus Broadcast, it is and was just about the nuclear issues and what to expect, and this Japan issue, its going to repeat in diverse places. 

If you're not aware of it, see the mention posted about Nuclear Meltdowns on our OLD site which has been posted on 2008/2009 of Nuclear meltdowns caused from Earthquakes. It clearly states this will happen. Nothing more or less , except other nuclear waste issues and directions to solutions. (Its an old style site and was watered down from reprisals and with the lack of popular attention, except from others in the fields of means to deactivate radiation, and of course concerned people. 

Although the good things and bad things about our futures can be reveled in the following years from unique experiences, research, creativity, this is the only thing expressed and shared right now, the nuclear stuff. 

God has and does revel much to some of us that seek him and only strive to learn, speak and live in the truth, but this, the nuclear issue is all that I have clearly posted. 

That posting didn't predict the current Japan location, but world wide issues on the nuclear melt downs and was posted years ago on the site, and was just a part of setting up future seeds which in this case was about and is still about nuclear waste and unsafe reactors. 

With what has happened, we are hoping we can persuade a few people who have been or are on the inside of the truth behind the reactors and to become whistle blowers. 

One person we are direct to was in charge of the rebuilding of about a half dozen nuclear reactors by the book, the US and foreign policy uses this as their bible/ the rebuild book for rebuilding old nuclear reactors. 

He clearly says the rebuilt reactors are no longer safe and he, and many know this, plus the NRC have crossed the lines of truth. 

He was very afraid to go public because of his pension and his family's safety. 

The site was fact finding mission, and to find means in rendering nuclear waste harmless and a seeding for future events to help a good growth as the truth was revealed, and now its on the front pages, its being revealed. 

It is best to seek God at this time and ask his direction for finding the truth in the current state of alarm from the issues with Japans reactors and pending others as we continue to move into an age of environmental global change. And to be cautious to the words and directions of some men who spreads truth with lies as many have. From knowledgeable people to the constant deception of many in governmental positions, the corporations that look for profit , or followers blindly lead from repeating what they heard from the news, our safety is at hand. 

Very few listen to those with truth, rather the hype of the times seems to excite the minds of those who follow. We suggest you seek facts from headlines and word on news broadcast that has any track record of deception. 

We must be very clear on that one thing, seek the truth and Caution with those that mix the truth with deceptions for self gain or egos or the worst, in the name of God as they sin with lies and other evil intentions. 

Soon the notice on the site, about the nuclear problem will be a full letter and will be much clearer and ready for the press to see and with your help, we can get it out. Its not a letter to have anyone follow this way or that, just the facts and for all to get involved in what they can do to help expose a lie about one of the biggest cover ups that effects ALL humans health, not to mention all life on earth. 

As we get one or two whistle blowers , more that have worked in or are working in unsafe reactors will follow and whistle blow, aka , tell the truth. This will help move this near the impossible task of shutting down ALL OLD reactors with false rebuild policies. This is not just an issue for America, but the same false rebuild policies are standard world wide. 

Recall the Gulf oil spill, its test said certain ocean life would not be effected if a oil spill occurred, like the Walrus. Their were no Walruses' in gulf. Walruses' to what ever, we don't have to spend hours hearing and showing more lies as move deeper in to the Japan issue and others similar pending meltdowns globally. 

The Japan Nuclear meltdowns are only part of what is to come, as if what is happening now isn't bad enough. 

Many reactors stand to go through this same scenario but under slightly different circumstances, but mostly caused by Earthquakes. 

Some like to blame this or that to the secret governments, but its not them at all. 

Its the course of Nature in the pre 2012 approach and post periods which is a course of nature. That to some is not well known and but its just a cycle of nature during the re occurring Milky Way galactic shift.

The reactors however should have never been placed in harms way, and now to old with policies pushed on the world as the safe reliable means to rebuild reactors. Reactors in most were designed to be decommissioned after 20 years. So in fact if the rebuilded reactors are no longer safe, then some are actually 30 or more years old. 

But telling everyone they are safe for lining pockets at the future expense of millions, what is wong with them. ( I mean that to the people who clearly know what they've done. ) 

Much more than this topic in to our future has been shown, as many have, or may now take credit for this or may try hard to cause disinformation. 

Credit is not the reason I have or others have gotten involved. There are another reason and for me it was being at the wrong place and the wrong time and it needed to be done. 

The future and solutions to many of the pending issues may actually be at hand, but to many will flea or mount for battles that are not for the right or real reasons. We need people that believe we can fix these issue and Right Now. 

Solution and seeking them is the correct way, not to run to safety or follow packs of nay sayers. 

As times get hard, its going to be easy to blame the wrong people and mount for war, gain short term power and mislead many. 

GDR and others, may just have the solutions, but getting there with the governorring bodies still playing their lies, to you who waits to long and don't lift a finger to help those struggling to make a difference, or others that will come in the name of what your reading and will dilute the waters to a point, or only care about making a profit. 

We may never get a chance to help solve the current issue in Japan, to others issues like it yet to come, if you don't care. 

We will try and we have gained many scientist and the like in countries across the world, but they have been suppressed. No more I pray. 

Unfortunately the people are easily miss informed, mislead and the people will parish in deceptions if they don't seek Gods wisdom and help to take care of this. 

We have facts at best I know and try never to extend them into our own conjecture or try to take credit for others works, but to only share findings. Even when its been to great losses and risk rather than to seeking financial security like so many others who have lived comfortable lives. We do need money now to make things move in a positive direction, so pray for this as well. 

As the final letters on this nuclear issue start to go out, do your own research and do something right. (Pending are those letters and to convince the insiders to whistle blow, and hard and to shed light for you)

Before I let you go, we have a serious issue with a reactor near San Diego, (San Onofre) its PR person spoke out recently saying we can withstand a 7.6, but fails to mention that the LA fired departments monthly Earth Quake public Preparedness meeting says "we expect an 8.6 to a 9.2 quake. 

The PR fellow also fails to mention the old rebuild policy issues used and that at one point they used saltwater to cool the reactors and it corroded the system. Only having to fix another problem that I am sure fell into improper rebuild policies. 

That reactor needs to be shut down Right Now.